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Refund Policy

By placing an order with Dissertation Help, clients agree to adhere to the below stated ‘Refund Policy’formulated by the company:

  • Dissertation Help Love holds the rights to issue a complete refund to the client if minor delay will be happened in the delivery process or in case of minor inconsistencies in the content as such factors are not enough to issue a 100% refund. In any case, the Company and the client may come to a settlement by agreeing on other aspects of compensation, which include discount offers or a partial refund.
  • If the delivered dissertation does not match the client’s requirements, even after providing 7 revisions, in this case the client can come to our Customer Support Serviceto file the written complaint with evidence, like supervisor’s feedback.
  • In case, the Dissertation Help Love fails to deliver the completed dissertation at the client’s specified time due to any reason, the company will not issue a full refund because such aspect doesnot create ample ground to fulfil the demand of a refund, unless, if the company fails to contact the client.
  • We do not guarantee any grade. No refunds shall be issued based on low or fail grade.

Contact and Dispute Settlement Policy

  • Upon dissatisfaction on the delivered dissertation, the client must contact the Customer Support Representative of Dissertation Help Love before contacting the intermediary.
  • If the client does not contact the Company first, and go to the intermediary to settle the dispute, it will be the case of agreement’s violation. This act of the client will be taken by the Company as per its policy.
  • In case if the issue is not settled within the 2 weeks, the client has the right in that case to contact any third party for intermediary.


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